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  Timeless Seductions...
Dashing Heroes and Intrepid Ladies

Cover image The Unexpected Bride

The Unexpected Bride

Josephine Donnelles didn’t have time to consider her feelings for Devin Garrison. His fear of commitment had him backing off, too. But when she told the Garrisons and Lacey about her previous boss’s threat to blame her for money he’d stolen, Devin became her strongest supporter. Still, could she trust him not to change again? When she flew to Washington DC, the police arrested her. Heath and Hunter Garrison had accompanied her. Devin disappeared. She didn’t know why.

Devin fought his fear of flying and made the decision he had to fly to her. He wasn’t sure she’d give him another chance, but he had to try. Neither realized the diabolical scheme her old boss had concocted to have her blamed for the crime. Devin proposed and was determined to see her exonerated, and then they’d fly home to get married. But everywhere they turned, they were faced with another difficulty while her boss sat in the courtroom gloating.

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Cover image Bold Bodyguards

Bold Bodyguards

Cora Takoda’s life changed when Garrick Tasmin and Kohana Shanley got involved with her. She hardly knew Garrick, and Kohana had left eighteen years ago. Garrick met with her and explained why he needed to protect her. Some men had tortured Kohana, and they had the necklace Cora had given him years ago. It had her name on it. The thugs might kidnap her and use her to break Kohana. Reluctantly, she agreed, as long as her friends, Gavin, Beck, and Heather were involved in helping to keep her safe.

Garrick and Cora were attracted to each other. He was the first man she’d been really interested in since Kohana. What would happen to their relationship if Kohana returned? Garrick was Kohana’s best friend. Cora wasn’t certain what feelings she had for Kohana, and could she trust him to stay. What if she loved them both? She’d never wanted a threesome relationship, but Garrick made the suggestion.

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Cover image The Unforgettable Bride

The Unforgettable Bride

When Lacey Donelles moves back to Pleasure Valley, Wyoming after nineteen years, she and Hunter Garrison are reintroduced. They’d been buddies when they were younger. Hunter has grown up handsome and sexy. There’s an immediate attraction between them. But then she finds out Hunter wants to be a politician, and she tries to turn off her feelings.

Her deceased husband, who was a congressman in Washington, had made her wary of trusting her heart to any man involved in politics. In spite of their determination to not see each other, she and Hunter are drawn together.

Then Lacey is told the father who left her and her sisters many years ago, lives in the next town. Lacey realizes to truly love again, she must see her father, confront the anger she still has for her deceased husband, and trust Hunter, who’s stood by her side on the difficult road they are taking to find happiness.

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Cover image Fearless Fighters

Fearless Fighters

Heather Carrick injured her leg in a car crash, and her career ended. Beck Colley and Gavin Melwyn meet her when she comes to South Dakota to find her new direction. They hoped to convince her it was in Triple Dare County with them.

But Heather finds out her car wreck was no accident. Someone wanted to hurt her. A friend of Heather’s is accused of hiring the attacker. Then Heather’s friend would be the lead dancer. Heather doesn’t believe this. She returns to Chicago, where her parents live and where she danced. Gavin goes with her for protection and to seek out answers to whether there is any hope for her to return as the lead ballerina.

After talking with the detectives on her case, Gavin called Beck. He and a friend come to the city to find the true assailant. How all this is resolved will impact Heather’s future and Beck and Gavin’s.

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Cover image The Viscount's Vendetta

The Viscount's Vendetta

Damon Royston saw a lady berating a chimney worker, and Rook, his friend, tells him she is Caroline, Lord Halford’s only child. Damon is stunned. She is the daughter of his sworn enemy, the man he holds responsible for his father’s suicide and the one he has planned to ruin.

Sparks fly when they meet, but Caroline fights her attraction to him. Damon bargains with Lord Halford. If Caroline marries him, he might not ruin him financially. Her father refuses, but Caroline discovers her father’s problems and agrees to marry Damon. They go to live at his estate, in his new house, as Damon refuses to live in the ancestral home where his father died. Caroline meets the staff and instantly dislikes Damon’s cousin, Charles, the estate manager.

When Damon travels to London, Caroline visits the ancestral home. On one of her visits, she finds a diary Damon’s father wrote, and after reading it she suspects his father didn’t kill himself. Someone else was involved.

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Cover image Gallant Guardians

Gallant Guardians

Flint Rikward and Russell "Russ" Elden had not forgotten Angelina "Angie" Farris. Angie tried to put them out of her mind, until Flint is shot. When she contacts Russ about Flint’s condition, the wall surrounding her feelings crumbles. But they want marriage, and the memories of her previous engagement and what her ex-fiancé had said won’t go away.

When Flint and Russ discover someone might be after Angie, too, they find excuses to keep her close. Once they think the danger is over, they convince her to go with them to South Dakota.

She agrees but insists on living in the apartment her friend, Dana, had used. She'd work with Dana and get to know Russ and Flint better. However, her biggest obstacle is the threesome marriage. Her parents will never accept the marriage, and she is uncertain about it herself. That is until someone tries to kill Flint again, and they realize all the bad guys haven’t been caught.

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Cover image Captivating Cowboys

Captivating Cowboys

Dana Wynters is afraid she’ll be kidnapped. When she sees the ad for a doctor in Triple Creeks Township, she responds and accepts the job. Her friend, Angie, helps her leave town without being followed.

When Dana meets Steel Randolph, an immediate attraction flares between them. Later when she meets Steel’s best friend, Chayton Kane, she’s surprised when sparks fly between them, too. She has enough problems with Addison Gregor coming after her. She doesn’t want to have feelings for any man, much less two. But when Dana hears about the threesome relationships in town, she is both excited and frightened of her emotions.

An FBI agent on the trail for Gregor contacts Angie and offers to help. He says the man isn’t only a danger to her and her friend, but to their country. Gregor’s determined he’ll have Dana under his control soon. When Gregor discovers her location, can an FBI agent, Steel, and Chayton keep her safe?

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Cover image Billionaire Cowboy's Christmas Surprise

The Billionaire Cowboy's Christmas Surprise

Clayton (Clay) Brodie and Suzette (Susie) Nyland’s first meeting didn’t go well. She spilled coffee on his jacket, and then they bumped heads reaching down for it. He was annoyed. She didn’t want him for a boss, even if he was handsome. Her body’s reaction to his nearness and touch worried her. She’d been warned he was a love-them-and-leave-them playboy. Then he kissed her for the first time.

Clay knows he wants her, and Susie can't deny him. But he isn’t a marrying man, and she is the marrying type of woman. As his assistant, Susie goes to Frontier City with him. She meets Clay’s family, and they like her. But when his brothers tease him regarding Susie, Clay says she is only his assistant. Clay keeps Susie on a roller coaster, appearing to care, and then he withdraws. It takes almost losing Susie to make Clay admit he loves her. But will she believe him?

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Cover image Seducing Our Lady's Heart

Seducing Our Lady's Heart

Sunn Handley doesn’t believe Chandler Larsson and Todd Carrigan are serious about loving her. She’d dated them before, and they ran off to Houston. They know they have to regain her trust before she’ll say yes. When one of Sunn’s fathers gets sick, Chandler and Todd see an opportunity to be supportive and helpful.

But loving and wanting marriage is more complicated than they realized. Todd went into foster care at three. He has to search deep in himself to find out if he can truly love and discover why his mother left him. The journey takes him to Wyoming where he discovers his relationship to the Commando Cowboy’s tribes.

Chandler married the woman his parents picked out for him the first time. This time he’s marrying for love, but can he have a relationship with his parents and Sunn? His parents have other plans for his future. For Chandler there’s only one answer. Sunn is the woman he loves.

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Cover image Treasured Temptation

Treasured Temptation

Amy Gresham goes to Triple Dare Co., South Dakota to hide from the person who is killing people involved in one of her first trial cases.

Torrad Davidsons and Chad Stedman are planning a change in their lives. They’re going to quit their jobs and settle in Triple Dare Co. But first, they want to protect Amy. The killer is determined to find her. Her aunt leaves the state for safety and urges Amy to stay with Chad and Torrad for protection. Amy tries to resist falling in love with them, but they’re way too tempting. She keeps reminding them she has plans to return to work once the killer is caught.

When she can go back to work, she finds herself torn between her old plans and a new future. And then her life is in the balance again, and she realizes nothing matters but love.

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Cover image Enticed by the Billionaire Cowboy

Enticed by the Billionaire Cowboy

Grace Brodie’s current boyfriend insists she meet him after work. He surprises her with a birthday party and a proposal. How can she say no and embarrass him? Her night gets worse when Gabriel Forrester arrives. She’s never forgotten Gab, although she’s tried.

Gab is stunned to find her engaged. He’s recently realized he loves her. She isn’t married yet. He’ll work hard to change her mind.

After Grace breaks her engagement, her ex-fiancé becomes furious. His anger fuels a desire for revenge and an evil side he’s kept repressed. He follows her to Frontier City, Montana and stalks her.

Gab moves back to Frontier City. When he suspects Grace’s ex-fiancé might harm her, he calls a meeting of her family to discuss keeping her safe.

Grace has to worry about a stalker, and Gab keeps trying to convince her to trust and marry him. Her body weakens each time Gab touches her, but her mind struggles with trust issues.

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Cover image Capturing Our Lady's Heart

Capturing Our Lady's Heart

Bernardo Aznar and Lann Quinlain want Bliss Meades for their wife. Bliss wants to open a lingerie shop and doesn’t want any help, not even financial, from Bern and Lann. She fears being controlled as her father did to her mother and her brother tried to do to her. Capturing her heart won’t be easy. Still, her mind might reject Bern and Lann, but her body doesn’t agree. Bern and Lann are determined. Once they make love to her, she fears she’ll have to choose between her dream of having her own business and her growing love for them.

Lann takes her to Wyoming and the history of his family is revealed to her. She is stunned and overwhelmed by the disclosure. But her love isn’t shaken.

Back in Texas, Bern and Lann go on an assignment. While they are gone, Bliss realizes she wants her men and her shop. Can she have it all?

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Cover image Seductive Surrender

Seductive Surrender

Jared and Ward Jarvis are immediately attracted to Brittany Hook, but Brittany resists their overtures. She’s had one failed marriage. She doesn’t plan on having two husbands. One had been more than enough. She is determined to forget them once she gets back to New York.

But forgetting them isn’t easy, and then she overhears something she shouldn’t have. Her life is in danger. The safest place for her to hide is the Jarvis ranch. At least according to Ward and Jared.

Between the danger, a killer after her, and the problems she and Ward are having relating, the hope of all three of them getting together doesn’t look promising. Unless they discover the killer before he attacks, and Ward finds a way of telling her his secret.

But Jared, the positive one in the threesome, is the most determined to make their relationship work. He never gives up the hope of them having Brittany for their wife.

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Cover image The Intriguing Billionaire Cowboy

The Intriguing Billionaire Cowboy

Sam Brodie wanted Sylvia Rufus from the time he met her. But his family sees her as a worldly-wise woman, not the wife for Sam. They upset Sam by doubting his ability to know what is right for him. Sylvia’s normal life is disrupted, but she has started to love Sam. Can it last?

When Sylvia gets an anonymous call, she isn’t sure whether to be worried. But the others around her set up a plan to protect her. Sam comes to her rescue, and Sylvia sees another side of him. Just when her life has calmed down, more excitement happens to her in her new position as the sheriff’s assistant. Maybe living in Frontier City isn’t so dull.

Then her mother arrives, and Sylvia faces all her old insecurities about herself and about her ability to love Sam forever. Can their love survive so many trials?

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Cover image Commando Cowboys Desire Their Queen

Commando Cowboys Desire Their Queen

Lonato Rexford and Hakan Connor are instantly attracted to Kira Bevyns. She tells herself she is too busy for men in her life. She is fighting to save the tribes' people from whoever wants to poison them. But Hakan and Lonato persist.

It becomes necessary for her to tell the leaders and later the tribes that she can shape-shift. When they see her flaming bird, they call her the Flaming Beauty and think of her as their queen.

Rex and Hakan are stunned, but continue to pursue her and help her fight the enemy. It takes them and many others to conquer the evil man and the bad witch. When Rex is injured in the battle, and fears he'll lose his ability to operate, he pushes Kira away.

No matter what, Hakan is determined they'll marry her. Rex has to change. Can Rex become the man she deserves and be part of their threesome? Kira and Hakan believe he will.

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Cover image Commando Cowboys Find Their Desire

Commando Cowboys Find Their Desire

Payton Camilius and Cody Jessup want Averil Stanwic. But Averil's divorce has left her uninterested in having a relationship with any man, much less two.

When they come by her cabin, Averil pushes Payton. He stumbles, hits his head, and ends up in the hospital. Cody takes his anxiety and anger out on Averil, putting distance between them. Then before Payton is released from the hospital, the enemy poisons Averil.

Kira, Averil's twin sister, unknown to everyone but her family, comes to the ranch to save her sister's life. She has abilities few know about. A special blood transfusion saves Averil. She goes with Cody and Payton to their house. But the killer persists and gets past Payton and Cody's defenses. The next attack on Averil puts her at death's door.

Will Averil respond to the desperate attempts to save her and find happiness with Cody and Payton? And who can stop the enemy who moves freely around the ranch?

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Cover image Determined Destiny

Determined Destiny

Sondra Hook decides to leave Triple Dare County. But Boyd MacCloud and Kel Reardon are determined to win her heart. They are certain she is their destiny. Boyd offers a plan. Because of her attraction to them, she agrees. But Boyd's lack of trust causes him to temporarily pull back. Then Kel is almost killed by an intruder and he must resolve the incident haunting his dreams since his military duty.

Just when they begin to bond as a threesome, Sondra's parents and brother arrive. Thankfully her sister is present to help smooth the rocky waters after Sondra tells her parents about her future husbands. Her parents are coming to terms with their daughter's desire to be in a threesome, when Boyd's former long-term girlfriend returns home.

Sondra risks everything when she tells Boyd to make sure who holds his heart. Their hope of happiness depends on all three of them.

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Cover image Bewitching The Reclusive Billionaire Cowboy

Bewitching The Reclusive Billionaire Cowboy

Graham, the reclusive Brodie brother, agrees to have Regina Piercy stay with him, temporarily. He prefers spending time alone, writing. Women like to talk, to discuss, to mess around in the kitchen, to go places, and especially to change things. But Regina is in danger. And he realizes he is too, from her bewitching smile and body.

Regina had lived a quiet life as a librarian until Graham arrived and brought her to his cabin. She is immediately attracted to the tall, dark, handsome man. She sets out to make him notice her. The more she pushes herself into his life, the more he tries to convince himself she is a nuisance.

After Regina's sister is found and rescued, Graham pulls away from Regina and attempts to resume his normal lifestyle. But the aloneness he craved before drives him crazy now. How has she bewitched him so quickly? But it will wear off, won't it?

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Cover image Commando Cowboys Entice their Beauty

Commando Cowboys Entice Their Beauty

Raoul Sherwyn and Aleron Alois are shape-shifters. Jewel Camilius is the woman they desire. Jewel fights her attraction to them. Her lifelong secret has kept her from marrying anyone. But now she has to stay at the ranch. They can't know what she hides. But can her heart resist their enticing seduction?

When Elle, their Priestess, confronts her, Jewel admits she is a rare woman shape-shifter. Elle suggests she can help them fight their enemy. First Jewel must face her fears and tell Raoul and Aleron. They reassure her and accept her as a shape-shifter. But, they don't want her to join the fight. When she is attacked, they think they may lose her.

During the battle, Mitch and Daren discover another traitor, a friend. In spite of Raoul and Aleron's protest, Jewel risks her life to fight and saves Daren. Her people and her dreams of happiness must endure.

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Cover image for Possessive Protectors

Possessive Protectors

Natalie Newlyn's almost-ex-husband is killed. She becomes a suspect. Natalie's father hires attorney Graydon Callahan. Gray was Nat's first crush. When she meets him, and his investigator, Holt Ramm, she's surprised by her body's reaction.

Gray was born and raised in Triple Dare County and arranges for her to stay at his cabin, near her family, while he and Holt search for the real murderer. When Gray calls Nat and tells her she's going to be indicted, her fear of imprisonment soars.

She's bonded out and returns to Triple Dare. During this time, she sees Gray and Holt often. They want her for their wife. Nat isn't sure she wants to marry again and especially not to two possessive men. She's very independent.

When Gray and Holt discover the real killer, the danger to Nat and their one witness increases. Unexpected danger lurks, and Nat faces an uncertain future.

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Cover image for The Alluring Billionaire Country Doctor

The Alluring Billionaire Country Doctor

Randolph Brodie had planned his whole life, and then he went in another direction to become a country doctor. He loved the work. But his fiancée refused to consider living in a small town. Rand questioned his feelings for her. He found it too easy to go without her. Now he's looking forward to being free of any commitments.

Then he meets Marian Gaenor. She wants a husband, a home, and family. When they meet for the second time, they both realize the spark is there and they can't ignore it. But Rand wants to have fun and Marian wants more. Rand's receptionist gets sick and Marian fills in. They're thrown together in a different setting, and Rand is impressed with her work. But Rand's friend keeps reminding him to play the field. After Marian leaves without telling him, Rand fears he's let the best thing in his life go.

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Cover image for Commando Cowboys Captivate Their Lady

Commando Cowboys Captivate Their Lady

Caedmon Quinlain believes he and his cousin, Garth Sherwyn, have found their soul mate in Rae Stanton. She might also be the bridge to help their third tribe rejoin her tribes.

Hurt by her first love and confused by Cad's insistence that she is the one for him and his cousin, she runs away to Oregon. Her friend welcomes her. When Rae meets Garth in Oregon, warning bells go off, but her body is putty in his hands. She puts up a brave front, and tries to keep him at arm's length.

Cad and Garth are determined she'll marry them. But Garth is worried that when she finds out he's a shape-shifter, she'll reject him.

Meanwhile her brothers must decide whether the danger they all face is a good enough reason to trust and accept the third tribe. Especially when they want to move their tribe to the ranch in Wyoming.

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Cover image for A Fling With The Billionaire Cowboy

Romance Studio Reviews

A Fling With The Billionaire Cowboy

Dirk Brodie met Chelsea Pearce overseas. He proposed, but she refused. No cowboy for her. Still, neither has forgotten the other.

Now she's in danger. Dirk, with help, rescues Chelsea, but she's emotionally and physically drained. Dirk fights his desires while helping her recover.

He takes her to his ranch to avoid the press. Desire swirls around them, and they agree to have a fling. But Dirk already loves her. He has to convince her she'd enjoy being a cowboy's wife.

Chelsea grew up on a farm and doesn't have good memories. Still, she is starting to love the ranch life and Dirk. Is their love strong enough for her to choose marriage over her career?

Her boss offers Chelsea her dream job. She goes to New York to check it out, and Dirk is certain she'll never return. Can the career woman say no to the bright lights?

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Cover image for Commando Cowboys Reclaim Their Love

Commando Cowboys Reclaim Their Love

Cassandra Venitia returns to Lovettville, Wyoming, after ten years. Her mother is sick, and the two men she left behind haunt her memories.

Seeing Lang Connor and Nick Kenric stirs old feelings. But she has an ex-boyfriend looking for her, and her mother needs her help. Although Cassie's body is saying yes to Lang and Nick, her mind wants to slow down.

She has problems to fix first. Cassandra's mother's medicine quits working. Cassie asks the Warriors for help. Might their scientist be able to cure her mother?

Someone starts a fire at Cassie's shop. Her gun is stolen. Before she discovers the culprit, her ex-boyfriend pays a visit. He shoots himself with her stolen gun and claims she shot him. Nick and Lang rush to her rescue, but can they clear her of the charges, and will her mother be able to take the experimental drug offered to her?

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Cover image for Billionaire Cattleman Wins A Wife

The Billionaire Cattleman Wins A Wife

Lily Yannell is staying temporarily at the Terrell ranch. While there, her heart and body's sensuous response to Ty increases. Ty Terrell doesn't appear to reciprocate the feelings. He still grieves the loss of his wife and unborn son during childbirth, and rejects the emotions Lily stirs in him.

When Ty's parents go south for the winter, Ty feels responsible for Lily. He doesn't understand how she manages to frustrate and confuse him. His hair-trigger temper keeps distance between them.

Lily believes Ty doesn't like her. When she receives an anonymous phone call, she says it was probably a reporter seeking her whereabouts. She doesn't admit the gruff voice sent chills down her spine.

When Lily disappears, Ty is shocked by his true feelings. He calls everyone to search for her. But once they have her back, he plans to send her away. His fear of love and loss are intertwined.

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Cover image for Commando Cowboys Seduce Their Woman

The Romance Reviews

Commando Cowboys Seduce Their Woman

Ellen Simmons is scared. When she signals the Commando Cowboys for help, Sahale Connor arrives at her door. His beautiful eyes, gorgeous body, and delicious scent stir feelings she's kept repressed. At the ranch, she discovers his best friend, Jack Talisman, affects her the same way.

But Ellen doesn't trust men. Her marriage ended badly, and her former father-in-law had threatened her, if she said anything about them. She hadn't. But now she's in danger and doesn't know why.

Sahale is told to question Ellen. He's to find out what she knows that makes someone want to shut her up. Sahale convinces Ellen to tell him some of her life story. When she does, his instinct tells him the man Ellen fears may be the one they seek. Sahale and Jack need to keep her safe, catch the man they'd been hunting, and convince Ellen to trust and love again.

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The Romance Review

Cover image for The Billionaire Maverick Bargains for a Wife

The Billionaire Maverick Bargains for a Wife

Angie McElvaine was reclaiming her life. She had a four-step plan and had completed three.

Brent Terrell arrived in Saddle Creek to see his brother, Drake. Angie considered him for step four, to be her temporary husband. He was here for a visit, not to stay. But, there was danger in choosing him. Her body instantly responded to his nearness. Could she have his baby, see him go away, and come out unscathed? She doubted it, and he'd never agree anyway.

Angie's fears come to the forefront when people begin to question about her changed appearance. Maybe twenty-one years of hiding wasn't enough. Still, no one outside of Saddle Creek would be curious about her.

Hopefully, her stepfather had forgotten about her and her mother. But Angie hadn't forgotten the baby sister they'd left behind or that her stepfather had convinced Angie she never wanted a permanent husband.

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Cover image for Cowboy Commandos Rescue their Wife

First Place in the Laurel Wreath Contest

Commando Cowboys Rescue Their Bride

Morgan O'Malley is drugged at her boss's party. Ethan Wright rescues her although it might make his assignment more difficult. Almost immediately, his body has a strong response to hers. But he has to keep his head. She may be part of the group he's infiltrating.

Justin Stanton has been fighting his own attraction to Morgan ever since he met her last year. So he had talked Ethan into taking this assignment. He was having a difficult time forgetting her, and he didn't plan to let himself love her, no matter how his heart and senses reacted to her.

Morgan is attracted to both men but thinks Justin doesn't like her, and how could she choose between them anyway? One wife for two men. It never entered her mind.

Ethan sends Morgan to the ranch under Justin's protection. Sparks fly, danger threatens her life, and love comes to their rescue.

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Cover image for Billionaire Rancher Buys A Wife

The Billionaire Rancher Buys A Wife

Drake Terrell wins a bid to date Janice Dedrick. He expects a fun fling. She refuses his offer and ends their date early. Drake realizes she means more to him than he thought. He decides to pursue her seriously. Janice has doubts about his sincerity. She gives him an ultimatum: change his career, buy a ranch, and agree to have children before she'll consider him. She's bluffing, never thinking he'd do what she asked.

Meanwhile, she receives threatening midnight calls, and accidents, or real threats, begin to endanger her and Drake.

Drake calls his brother to help find the person trying to injure or kill them. As their love heats up, so does the stalker's determination. Can this rancher win Janice's heart and save her life?

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Cover image for Commando Cowboys Capture Their Mate

Commando Cowboys Capture Their Mate

Believing Sara Calhoun is a wanted spy, the Wyoming Warriors kidnap her and fly her to their Ranch headquarters, where Mitch Stanton, one of their leaders, waits to interrogate her. His Commander, Justin, suggests they might have the wrong woman.

Mitch visits his prisoner and is stunned by his body's reaction to the pretty captive. She may not be the spy, but is she the perfect wife for him and his half-brother, Daren Connor? If so, can they convince her to marry them?

Mitch and Daren head a community of two families whose members have various special abilities. The men have heightened senses that give them extraordinary fighting skills, and they undertake dangerous secret missions for the government.

Will Sara leave her family, friends and job behind to live a totally different life? She's never considered loving two men at the same time, but when danger threatens, the answer comes through her heart.

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Cover image for Propositioned by a Lady
Coffee Time Romance Reviews

Propositioned by a Lady

Lady Lydia Melior, a widow, is resigned to becoming someone's mistress. She'd prefer Lord Trout, but he is angry she wed the marquis instead of him. He doesn't know she didn't have a choice. Her family's gambling debts had to be paid. If not by her, then by her sister, Penelope.

Hearing of her return to London, Lord Trout pretends he doesn't care. His friend, Lord Sterling, and his wife, encourage Trout to attend Penelope's ball. At the dance, Lydia asks him to meet her the next day. When they meet she offers to become his mistress if he will give her a house and the money for her father.

Lord Trout can't believe she'd ask him to ruin her. But, in time, he discovers her fears, and his love for her returns. Initially, she says no to his proposal, but he is determined to win her hand in marriage.

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Cover image for The Billionaire Cowboy Takes A Wife

The Billionaire Cowboy Takes A Wife

Samantha Riley's grandfather gives her an ultimatum: marry or lose her inheritance. Her solution? Propose to Jackson Stone, her neighbor and long-time friend. When she has second thoughts, Jackson won't let her cancel their agreement.

While in Houston to choose a ring, Samantha realizes she doesn't know this tantalizing Jackson, especially when a strong desire ignites between the two. In spite of the temptation, she is resolved their marriage will be a business union. Jackson doesn't agree. Strong willed and stubborn, she wants to be in control, but in him she's met her match.

Jackson makes quick arrangements for their wedding. Samantha is torn between her desire and her determination not to fall in love. When her closest friend helps Samantha realize her fears of commitment, Samantha faces the truth. She loves Jackson. But will their love be strong enough to keep them together when her fears return?

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Cover image for The Duke's Blind Temptation
Romance Reviews     Coffee Time Romance Reviews

The Duke's Blind Temptation

Raeford Kenton, Earl of Leyland and heir to his father's title of Duke, has nightmares about when he became blind.

Baron Upton's daughter, Eleanor, has secretly loved Rafe for several years. Believing he needs help, she rides to his retreat, his hunting lodge. Despite Rafe's determination to send her away, she returns to show him how to live blind.

Heated desire swirls around them. When Rafe warns her he will not marry, she asks him to be her lover. Rafe says no and sends her home, but persistence and temptation wears away his resolve.

His father's unexpected death brings new responsibilities and the return of a previous fiancée, Lavinia. Will Rafe chose Lavinia, the proper bride, or Ellie, his love, to be Duchess?

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Cover image for Scandalous Seduction
Coffee Time Romance Reviews

Scandalous Seduction

With her oldest sister married and her youngest sister celebrating her betrothal, most predict that Miss Tabitha Bartley, the bookish, plain sister, is doomed to be left on the shelf. She has seldom been noticed by the ton until several bored gentlemen make an innocent wager regarding her and the Earl of Sterling Court.

Miss Tabitha overhears their conversation and decides to beat them at their own game. But she will take it a step further and seduce Lord Sterling. She has read all about seduction from the books in her father's library. Since she doesn't expect to marry, this is probably her only chance to have a tantalizing sexual encounter.

First, she must win the original wager and then make one of her own. Will Lord Sterling accept her challenge? What will be the prize for winning? And more importantly, can a lady seduce a gentleman and still be considered a lady?

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The Earl's Intriguing Imposter

Damien Aldermann, the Earl of Royston, is requested to visit Lord Norton, Damien's deceased father's best friend, and meet his daughter. Damien is concerned for Lord Norton's mental health. He has been ill and never quit grieving the loss of his wife and small daughter at sea, fifteen years ago.

Damien is certain this woman is an imposter. But when they meet he is uncomfortably attracted to the black haired, violet eyed beauty. Forcing himself to ignore the strong physical desire, he seeks to uncover her deviousness.

Annabelle has fled her home in Spain to seek out a father she recently discovered existed. She hoped he'd protect her from the man she fears, but he is ill and Damien is determined to prove she's a fraud. She doesn't understand the immediate attraction she feels for Damien. Can she ever trust him enough to share her secret and ask for help?

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