Movies that You Need to Watch Out for on GoStream

If you love movies but can’t afford to go to the cinemas everytime there’s a new release, you have no choice but turn to movie streaming websites like GoStream for help. While it’s true that you need to wait a while longer to watch these online, you still have the advantage of viewing these highly anticipated movies for free. You can find more details on gostream on the site

Black Panther (Date of Release: February 16, 2018)

Ever since his debut on Captain America: Civil War (2016), comic book fans had been eagerly awaiting a movie that would feature this historically important superhero. After all, he is the first Black character to have a full-length film in the Marvel Universe. You just have to wait a while longer to see whether this film will live up the hype its teaser trailer had created.

A Wrinkle in Time (Date of Release: March 9, 2018)

Based on the beloved children’s classic, you have to wonder why it took so long for the novel to be finally made into live-action film. Still, it only intensifies the audience’s anticipation of how it will fare on the silver screen and how faithful this adaptation will be.

Love, Simon (Date of Release: March 16, 2018)

A coming-of-age flick, it tells the story of a teenager who deals with the difficulty of coming out of the closet to his family and friends. If you missed watching movies with a John Hughes-feel, then you might want to check out this flick.

Ready Player One (Date of Release: March 30, 2018)

A shameless love letter to everything sci-fi, this dystopian film features so much Easter eggs that you would probably end up watching this film over and over again just to get all those cult classic reference incorporated in this film.

Avengers: Infinity War (Date of Release: May 4, 2018)

It has been the most highly anticipated film ever since the first Avengers movie was released back in 2012. After all, it is the culmination of all Marvel films to date. It would be fun to see all these characters mingle and interact with each other using Marvel’s patented witty dialogue and explosive action-packed scenes.